1 Month to the Paleo Finish Line

It’s hard to believe that 3 months have passed since the start of our Paleo challenge 2.0.  As we glance around the box we can easily identify some serious contenders.  With just 1 month left we wanted to check in.  How has it been going?  How are you looking, feeling, and performing?  Have you hit any road bumps?  How have you overcome them?  What has been your driving force in staying on track?  How have you managed to organize a real food diet with your crazy schedule?  Tell us everything!  And keep up the good work!


Back Squat


4 Rounds

20 DB Suitcase Lunges

10 DB Thrusters

400m run (then 300,200,100m)

*in the first round run 400m, second round 300m, and so on.