1 Year Anniversary Party!

Golden powers out max reps on OH Squat after an 800m run

We can’t believe it’s been a whole year!  One year ago today, CrossFit West Santa Cruz opened it’s doors in it’s new Costco neighborhood here at 360 Coral Street.  But CrossFit West’s history goes even further back.  “The Founder,” as we’ve dubbed him, Sam Radetsky actually started CFWSC two years ago on the far West Side (hence the name CrossFit WEST Santa Cruz for those of you who wonder about it).  And with a few loyal members (including the first official member and your very own Black Heart Kyle) hopped around from space to space on the West Side before landing a spot, with the help of one of our favorite coaches, Ed at our beloved Gold’s Gym (that’s the extremely condensed version- I say buy him all of his drinks and get him drunk at the party if you want the detailed juice).

It didn’t take long for Sam to hook, line, and sink any real athlete he could nab from the preacher curl bench in front of the mirror, the calf raise machine, or butt blaster and get them hooked on CrossFit.  He developed a small and incredibly loyal following- most of whom are still with us today (Beto, Sam Y, John G, Judy, Andy, Steve, Mike, Ashley, Golden, Sue B, Desmond, Matt S., Vero, Kirsten, Daniel, Summer, Emily, Cliff, Jocelyn, Kyle and Ed just to name a few).  This small, hard working, tight knit group pounded out the weights and chipped away at their metcons in spite of the funny looks and constant requests by the yoga and pilates classes to “please stop dropping the weights.”  It was great fun for quite some time.

But with bigger hopes and dreams for CrossFit West than having to quietly lower your barbell to the floor during Grace, Sam recruited “The Money Guy” Cliff, and “The Talent” Jocelyn.  They got together to make it happen.  If you saw them in a meeting you might think you were witnessing Monkeys trying to solve algebra, but somehow they managed to open the new doors of CrossFit West Santa Cruz on April 1st 2009, one year ago today.  The rest, just look around, is history.

Please come celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary (2 Year Anniversary in existence) Saturday, April 17th at upstairs Motiv 6PM.  Hors devours will be served along with a discounted drink of the night.  It will be a great night of celebrations, story telling, and fun.  Not to mention you’ll most likely get to see what Cliff looks like without his grungy hippy shorts and knee socks (hey, I mean in a suit!) and Sam in his spiffiest rock-a-billy attire.  We look forward to celebrating with you!

What: CFWSC One Year Anniversary Party

Where: Upstairs Motiv, Downtown Santa Cruz

When: Saturday, April 17th 6PM

A big congratulations to CF West’s newest American citizen Lolo on his first muscle up.



Full Snatch Singles to 85%

5 Rounds

250m Row

12 KB Swings (2pood/1.5pood)

10 GHD Situps

Finish with 30 Ball Slams (40/25)