15.5 the end

No burpees, but a whole lot of thrusters!



For time:

Row (Calories)
Thrusters 95/65lbs

Simplicity in design. Two common movements done really really hard! First off,  know that no matter your fitness level, you are going to have to visit the dark place.

Sirius-Black-prisoner-of-azkaban-6094822-1050-717This workout needs to be done hard and fast.  Even if you break up the thrusters, you will need to take very short rests in between your sets.

Know the Rules (From TZ Coach Jacob)

Monitor Reset: You will note that the monitor must be set to zero at the start of each round. My recommendation is to have your judge hit the “Menu/Back” button as you’re exiting the rower, and to hit the “Just Row” button as you finish your thrusters. The monitor may take a second to load, so however you choose to do it, ensure that it’s ready by the time you get to it.

Before anyone asks, yes, your judge can reset the monitor for you. From the Games Website: “Each time you return to the rower you or your judge must reset the monitor to zero before rowing.”

Energy versus Distance: Keep in mind that rowing for energy (calories) is different than rowing for distance (meters.)  When rowing faster, the increase in output for energy is exponential. For distance it is linear. In other words, when you row for calories, there is a higher return-on-investment for pushing harder.

This doesn’t mean you should go for broke on the rower. It does, however, have two important implications. Firstly, you need to go into the workout ready to work hard on the row, in a different way than you would when rowing, for example, a 2k time trial. Secondly, using your average 500m split from WODs isn’t a great indicator of how fast you should row in this workout. You need to figure out where your calorie specific pace should be (as measured by calories per hour.)


How can you keep your intensity high?

The thrusters. You all should should  know your thruster capabilities with the following weights. We’ve all done Fran at some point of our life, this is gonna feel like that, but 27 thrusters worse.  Don’t go loco on the thrusters unless its your last set. Sloppy movement might be fast, but is inefficient and will tax much more than you want!


1. Unbroken, check out rich’s pace and where he breathes ( the top). Nice steady pace the whole time!

2. (9/9/9) (7/7/7) (5/5/5) (3/3/3)

3. (17/10) (11/10) (8/7) (5/4)

– The rowing. Good rowing technique. Do not go out the gate like a fisherman with Moby Dick on their tale. While you are warming up, find the pace you want to keep!

Know this.

– After the 21’s the pain is more than halfway done. Focus on the light at the end of the dark dark tunnel! You will make it! Remember this Sunday we will be having our final Open bbq event catered by the amazing Ty Pearce! 10-1pm. Sign up for heat times!