16.3 Is Here


16.3 is here! All those hours of practicing bar muscle ups are going to pay off! Right?! Well regardless, this 7 min AMRAP is going to be filled with a lot of snatches, and a lot of forearm fatigue! Check out the right up below from Coach Jacob from Juggernaut Training systems!


For a top score, I’m of the opinion that both movements must be unbroken. Below are important technical considerations to help make this happen.

Snatch: Tempting as it is to turn this into an ugly muscle snatch, keep your hips and legs involved and the bar close, and as you fatigue, make sure you’re pulling under the bar at least a little bit. There are two reasons that this is important:

  1. If you don’t keep the hips and legs involved, your shoulders will fatigue prematurely, and make the bar muscle-ups unnecessarily more difficult.
  2. If you don’t pull under at least a little bit, that’s more time spent pulling the bar up. That time will add up over the course of seven minutes and over one hundred reps of pulling exercises.

One option is to start with muscle snatches for the first two minutes, switch to power snatches and use that to back off your pace just a little in the middle three minutes, and start muscle snatching again as you push the pace in the final two minutes. However, be present and engaged, and change earlier in the first two minutes, or later in the last two minutes, if necessary.

Bar Muscle-Ups: The more you break your hollow, the less of the force you produce will be transferred to the bar. Keep a strong shape change between arch and hollow, and avoid losing tension. There are two major technical risks if your shape changing breaks down:

  1. Chicken Winging
  2. Swinging out of the most efficient path of movement.

Both of these technical errors lead to superfluous fatigue and a decrease in your cycle rate. Not good.

Other Notes

Your transitions need to be smooth, but not rushed. As you come off of a set of snatches, take a deep breath or two and get straight on the pullup bar. Keep a careful eye on the clock, as always – you lie, it doesn’t.

Set the barbell as close to your pullup rig as you can, because why give yourself the excuse to rest more?

Don’t forget the tiebreak!

Specific Warm-Up

1) EMOM 6, alternating:
a) 4-8 Power Snatch, building from 45#/35# to 75#/55#
b) 3 Tap Swings on Pullup Bar + 2 Chest-to-Bar Pullups + 2 Bar Muscle-Ups

2) 3 sets:
5 Power Snatch, 75#/55#
2 Bar Muscle-Ups
Rest 1:00 between sets

CrossFit Games Open Workout 16.3

10 Power Snatch, 75#/55#
3 Bar Muscle-Ups