2011 Goals

Beau and some high quick elbows in today's WOD.

Mel and her Dr Seuss/Santa socks no-leg up the rope.

Goals, people!  Ya gotta have goals.  Your training will improve dramatically with specific goals.  It will focus and streamline it.  There are two kinds of goals.  Long term and short term goals.

A long term goal might be a 315# front squat.  You might break that year goal into 3 four-month short term goals of a progressively heavier squat.  Knowing that shoulder girdle mobility is key to a heavy front squat, you might list daily shoulder mobility work as a short term goal.

Another example is the WOD Helen.  Maybe you want a sub 10 Helen, but the pullups are a stumbling block.  Your long term goal is the sub 10 minute Helen, but your short term goal is 20 consecutive pullups. Or maybe it is using a kettlebell heavier that the rx’d bell in Helen for all your WODs for the next 6 months.

So, instead of a laundry list of big goals for 2011, what are 2 goals you have for 2011?

What is the long term and the short term for those goals?

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