2012 CrossFit Games

As noted yesterday, the Games are over and the champions for 2012 have been crowned.  There were many remarkable displays of athleticism and pure grit and determination, but being CrossFit, there was much more than that.  It was pretty remarkable to see that even with such a large and involved event, CrossFitters are still pretty much the same-a bunch of great people who have fun working out and competing, and they genuinely want to see others do well.

Max Chest to Bar Pull Ups

As you know, the Professor did spectacularly, finishing on the podium for the second year.  His work all weekend was amazing-you will have to look up some of his events on the video archives, but as always, his smile and sheer enjoyment of the sport and his friendly, encouraging words stood out all weekend.

Many of you also know Marnel King, from CF San Jose, and she dominated her division from start to finish with 3 first place finishes.  It is always incredible to watch great people perform so well, especially having seen her work with such dedication in the months leading up to the Games.

Marnel, continuing her command performance on Sunday morning

I had the super tough job of attending all of the individual and team briefings, which left me time to pop out to the stadium and track multiple times, so I had plenty of time to see some very remarkable people doing their thing.  These Games level competitors are impressive.  And yes, most of them are actually really nice people!

And yes, Rich Froning said hello to me...


Airdyne Sprint

4 x 1-minute airdyne sprints

1 min rest between sprints


8 Rounds

10 Russian Kettlebell Swings (70/53)

10 Box Jumps (24/20)