2012 Santa Cruz Affiliate Cup

A view of the outstanding competition at last years Santa Cruz CrossFit Affiliate Cup from the DJ Booth of my friend, 2011 & 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games DJ, DJ Erwin, as he absolutely ROCKED the event!

Long Time CrossFit Games veteran, Annie Sakamoto, and CFWSC's Cliff Hodges (a dapper lil fella, isn't he) address the crowd during last years opening ceremonies!

CrossFit West Santa Cruz's "40+" Master's Team on their way to a decisive victory, claiming First Place honors and the 40+ Masters Champion Trophy!

Come join us tomorrow at CrossFit Santa Cruz for the Fourth Annual Santa Cruz CrossFit Affiliate Cup!!  More info can be found HERE.

(Special thanks to my good friend, SJPD and fellow “CrossFit Nomad”, Dan Pfeifer, for supplying the nearly 1000 photos from last years Affiliate Cup!)

We will be closed all day Saturday for the Affiliate Cup. Please come support all your CrossFit West teams and fellow CrossFiters and meet the greater CrossFit Community of all of Santa Cruz!

This is, and always has been, a really great community event, bringing the entire CrossFit Community of Santa Cruz together!  There will be friends.  There will be awesome workouts with inspirational performances.  There will be lots of really hot people there (some of em single!).  😉  There will be meat!  …And there will be mead!  Haha!

Seriously, …it will be an awesome event and you don’t want to be the one at the water cooler Monday morning who doesn’t know what everyone’s talking about.  🙂

Hope to see you there!!!  This is gonna be awesome!!