Cues To Self

What cues do you give yourself? Click for CrossFit West Santa Cruz Holiday Party info. Workout: Bench Press 5×3 Power Clean 5×2 Superset the two movements and go heavier than last week. Then: AMRAP in 10 4 Squat Snatch 145/100# 6 Burpee Pullups 100m run

Super Old School, Super Cool

CROSSFIT WEST SANTA CRUZ HOLIDAY PARTY! Date: Saturday, December 8th (that’s this Saturday folks) Location: Center St Grill, downtown SC (pretty much at the corner of Center and Union where India Joze used to be) Time: 6pm start Appetizers: Provided Dinner: Available Attire: Dress UP! Fishnets: Yes, just hopefully not on Cliff Alcohol: Lots Presents: Already delivered The CrossFit West …

Bucking the Trend

In a culture of excess, it’s easy to forget what really matters. Stay strong. Stay fit. Stay healthy. Workout: On The Minute for 12 Minutes 1 Full Snatch (go heavier than last week) Then: 5 Rounds 400m Run 7 Front Squats 155/105#

Alpha Male

  Workout: Front Squat 2RM for the day Then: 2 Rounds 9 Push Press/Jerk 135/95 18 Pullups 36 KB Swings 53/35 72 DU Anytime a set is broken up multiply by 5 and do that many burpees for time at the end of the wod. 40 burpee cap.