Welcome To The Club!

I just wanted to send everyone a friendly reminder about our parking policy here at CrossFit West. Please, please, please, only park in the spaces that are NOT designated to the other businesses around the gym. We’ve developed a great relationship with our neighbors over the years and want to avoid anything we can to avoid conflict. Parking in spots …


Friendship happens at a CrossFit gym. Shared suffering, adversity overcome, community support, you name it. Whatever the reason, friendship is as much a product of CrossFit as fitness.  


The old saying ‘Hydrate or die” goes double for a hardworking CrossFitter. Water is king, gatorade and a host of smart waters and sports drinks are all about electrolytes and what not, but for extreme circumstances vinegar was the ancients go-to choice (witness it being offered to Christ on the cross) and the modern equivalent of pickle juice will get …


Coaches talk a lot about technique at CrossFit West Santa Cruz. The basics of a lift, say the deadlift–hips down, shoulders over bar, neutral neck, even ascent, etc, are repeated over and over. Nuances of the lift–lat activation, breath, elbow supination, abductor support, etc, are explained. But, after the physical aspects of a lift become second nature, there is another side to …


The city began to broadcast, day after day, the sound of a metronome, reminding all that the heart of Leningrad still beat. The besieged city simply would not surrender… Treasures of the Hermitage Museum and other depositories were hidden away. The city turned into a vast garden, with people growing food anywhere a root would take hold. In 1942, with …

Rocks and Ripples

CrossFit is a ripple starter. It’s the rock that gets chucked into a pond with a big kerplunk that starts a stream of ripples moving outward from the rock. Of course, there are other ripple starters out there, but CrossFit is a big one. From that initial kerplunk of starting CrossFit, those ripples spread into every facet of one’s life. …

Having Fun

  I borrowed this photo of Koda CrossFit Kids in Oklahoma from the CrossFit mainsite. I just couldn’t resist the great look on the girl in foreground’s face–the joy of movement. When was the last time you had that look on your face at the gym? It’s time to get it back. Workout:

Stuffed Bells

Here’s another for you crazy Get Fitters out there. Mix 2 eggs in a bowl. Mix in 2 cans of seafood (tuna, crab, salmon). Add a lot of good mustard and some mayo or something similar. Liberally sprinkle on various spices (pepper, garlic powder, turmeric, parsley, etc) and Tapatio or Tabasco. Stir together. Cook in a saute pan with olive …

Shrimp and Broccoli

Hey folks, how is the Get Fit Challenge going? In my experience, one thing that always surprises people when they first start eating Paleo is how good the meals are. Below is one of my favorites–quick, easy, and awesome. This is a super easy and really delicious meal. It will serve 3-4 people, but it is so good that I …



Couples Fight Club

Fight Club this Saturday. Couples only. Winners take all. Check it out here. Workout:


The CrossFit community really is like a huge extended family. Rarely will you meet such open and friendly people. A big congratulations to CrossFit West coach Brooke E on her killer 14th place finish at last weekend’s OC Throwdown, one of the biggest non-Regionals/Games events in the CrossFit world.   Workout:

He’s Back!

After taking some time off for a new job and school, Emmett Z, the ginger legend himself, makes a triumphant return to CFWSC. Great to have you back in the gym, buddy. Workout:

Mobility Class

The Mobility Class is back! Guru Marcus M will be teaching his awesome blend of stretching, breathing, and myo-fascial release every 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month at 9:30am. The first class of the new year is this Saturday, the 11th. The next one will be the 25th. Be there. Workout: