Save The Date – Holiday Party 2014 – 12/5/14

That’s right everybody!  IT IS HOLIDAY TIME!!!!  And you know what that means?!  We are rapidly approaching the SEVENTH annual CFW holiday party!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!  This year we’ve pulled out all the stops and we have booked, by far, the classiest establishment yet for the holiday party: When: Friday, December 5th, 6:45pm-11pm Where: Chaminade Why: you’re seriously going to ask me …



October IronFest

A Stonglifting Meet at CrossFit Oakland, by coach Leah Lutz Capping off their work in the Barbell Club, three CrossFit West lifters competed in the CrossFit Total-style lifting meet this past Saturday, October 25th.  Aimee, Kelly, and Bianca joined  39 other competitors in Oakland and dozens more at 7 concurrent strengthlifting meets across the US to test their training in an …

Move Like Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray Robinson is usually considered the best pound-for-pound boxer ever. Boxing has fallen in prestige a lot in the past 20 years, but for just about all of the 20th century, it was probably the most popular sport in the world, certainly America. Many boxers of nearly a century ago are still well-known names today, Joe Louis for example. …

New Week

It’s a new week. What are you going to do better this week? How are you going to improve? What’s your game plan?

Don’t Try At Home

Yes, you added correctly. The heaviest lift is 792 pounds. But hey, its Misha Koklyaev.

Affiliate Cup Photos

I have gotten a bunch of inquiries about the official photographer at last Sunday’s Affiliate Cup. Jeff will have the photos up on his website and for sale later this week. It just takes a little time to go through several thousand photographs (that’s one of them above). Jeff can be reached at [email protected] and his website is here. Please get in …


CrossFit West was packed during the 2014 Affiliate Cup. Over 200 competitors, 43 teams, staff, volunteers, and a ton of spectators were present throughout the day. Check out these two photos for an idea of the excitement level.  

What A Day!

Well, it was truly a great day. Just a ton of fun mixed in with some killer athletic performances. A huge congratulations to everyone who participated and kicked ass, with a special shout out to the top teams of each division, including CrossFit Santa Cruz who took home the RX trophy. Volunteers make a competition like this possible and they …


Affiliate Cup Info/Homepage Live Scores / Leaderboard Schedule Athletes: Sign a Waiver Parking/Spectator Reminder: All vehicles must be out of the CF West parking lot by 7:30am – please arrive early (7am) to drop off tents, chairs, coolers, etc – whatever you need for the day.  No cars may remain in lot after 7:30am.

Affiliate Cup Tips

If you are competing in the Affiliate Cup on Sunday, check out this great post from coach Connie K on the CrossFit Watsonville website. See you guys on Sunday.  

2014 Affiliate Cup Events

[imagemap id=”19607″] The events for the 2014 Affiliate cup may be found here. Please read the text and watch the videos (thanks Matt). Good luck! There is an information meeting at CrossFit West tomorrow evening at 7:30pm that is open to anyone, and it is highly recommended that team captains attend. The Affiliate Cup shirts will be handed out at …

Affiliate Cup Floater Event

One man and one woman from each team will do 1 minute on the airdyne for max calories. The two numbers will be added together to find the team’s score. The Floater Event is done on a first come first serve basis throughout the morning, but must be completed by 12:30pm. Each team member (1man and 1 women) must do …

Affiliate Cup Events

All the events of the 2014 Santa Cruz Affiliate Cup will be released on Wednesday. While there will be an explanation of the movement standards accompanying the event descriptions, all the standards are the same as typical CrossFit movement standards that have been used at official CrossFit competitions and are seen regularly at all (I hope!) CrossFit gyms. Want to …

CF West Video

Have you seen the awesome new CrossFit West video yet? Just look to the right of your screen and click on it. The video features some of our great trainers and wonderful members. Check it out. Volunteers for this Sunday’s Affiliate Cup are still needed. The more people who sign up, the less work everyone has to do and the …


Do you need to know how to cook a steak in the absolute most macho way? If so, click here (highly inappropriate language–definitely not kid or the easily offended safe, but pretty damn funny). If you need some inspiration to eat a steak, watch this.  Volunteer for the Affiliate Cup! Sign up sheets are at the front desk.


Volunteers. We need you for the Affiliate Cup. If you aren’t competing, please volunteer to judge or work the equipment changes. We can’t have a well run and fun competition without you guys. There is a sign up sheet at the front desk. If you aren’t competing, please put your name and email address down. Thanks everyone.

Couch Potato

One of my lifting cues when I am coaching is, put down the bag of potato chips and get off the couch. What in the world does that have to do with weightlifting? I mean, the lifter is obviously not at home on the couch with a can of soda and pringles. It means don’t be lazy when lifting. Often …