For All

I watched two cool videos today. The first one was of Brooke doing regular Fran followed immediately by a Fran with heavier thrusters and chest-2-bar pullups. The second was of a 75 year old woman doing Fran with 10 pound dumbbells and squatting to a box on the thrusters and ring rows. Honestly, I don’t know which video was more …

Happy Thanksgiving

  My awesome mom makes me pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving. I look forward to it all year round. For me, a single slice is like a 2 minute Fran and a clean and jerk PR all rolled into one. Two of my favorite quotations that might relate to Thanksgiving. Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t …

Holiday Schedule

The Thanksgiving holiday class schedule at CrossFit West is: Wednesday-as normal Thursday-9am only Friday-9am and 12pm only Saturday-as normal


A huge congratulations to Dom S. on his Thai kickboxing victory Saturday night. Dom fought a very tough international amateur MMA champion who is turning pro next year. It was a hard fought battle, but Dom emerged victorious with excellent kicks, dominating clinch work, savage knees, and leg buckling low kicks. Dom dropped his opponent several times with sweeps (one …

Ready and Able

  Dom successfully made weight (he cut to 182#) for his fight on Saturday. He has been looking really fast and powerful in training and he is ready for battle. Send him some good thoughts for when he steps into the ring.


  I swear, it was just yesterday that Audrey was sprawled in a stroller watching a movie on a laptop while her parents worked out, eating dry cheerios while Mowgli hovered hopefully next to her. Time flies.

Be Smart, Eat Smart

There is some unholy stuff out there, folks. Eat wisely.

World Records

The 105kg (231lbs) division at the current World Weightlifting Championships has been nothing short of incredible. In the clean and jerk, three world records were set in succession before Ilya Ilin, the greatest weightlifter of recent years (ever?), ended up on top with a 532.4# lift, en route to gold in the total and the clean and jerk and a …

Pause Squats

It’s a new week. What is your training goal for this week? Where is your focus? Is there a specific weakness you are going to hit this week? Fortune (and PRs) favors the prepared.

Open Gym

  Open Gym on Sundays is one of the best training days of the week. 10-1, don’t miss it.


  A killer squat from the training hall of the current World Weightlifting Championships.

Party Time

Just a friendly reminder to start right now doing whatever you need to do in order to attend the CrossFit West Holiday Party on Friday, December 5th, at Chaminade. This is *the* social event of the year–you do not want to miss it! It’s a whole lot of fun.

Fight Night

On Saturday, November 22nd, CrossFit West’s Dom Speight will lace up gloves and step into the squared circle for his Thai kickboxing debut. Dom is no stranger to the ring, but this is the first time he will compete in a sanctioned fight in a national organization with rankings, title belts, and a professional division. The event, taking place at …

5x Bodyweight

Holy shit! 661 pounds at 128 pounds.


  Congratulations to Chris, Jenny and big Alex for winning last weekend’s Frankenwod costumed competition at CF San Jose. Great work guys.