New Goals

The end of 2014 is upon us and it is time to set some new goals for 2015. Not too many as you don’t want to overwhelm yourself, but enough to keep you busy. Goals come in several varieties and stages. Set a long term goal, a year end goal, and then break it down into components and stages which …

Weight Stacks

Thousands of pounds of plates pales in the face of a class doing the Three Bars of Death. One doesn’t see so much floor under the weight stacks all that often.

Back In Town

The holidays always bring a stream of old members back into the gym. As people return to Santa Cruz County for the holiday vacation, it’s like a mini reunion, and it’s always so nice to see old friends and faces.

Holiday Schedule

We will be running a limited schedule for the rest of the month. December 24th: Noon is the last class of the day 25th: Closed. Merry Christmas! 26th-31st: 9am and Noon only (Saturday 8:30 & 10am) January 1st, 2015: 9am only 2nd-: Normal class schedule. Happy Holidays!


  Ok folks, I don’t know who did this and I don’t care, but it’s just not acceptable. Sure, a CrossFit gym isn’t a pristine temple, but we all have to take a little better care of it than writing on the walls. I seriously doubt anyone would do this at their (or anyone else’s) home, or their school, or …

Outdoor Action

  The rain let up for the weekend and there was some sun. Did you get outside? Too often we get pigeonholed in the gym during the winter. Get out there and enjoy your fitness. And don’t forget to document it for instagram.


Range of motion is king.



2015 Games Season Dates

For the first time all the dates for next year’s Games season have been announced ahead of time. It you are planning on attending any of the events, you can start planning your year now. Check out all the info here.

Happy Birthday Kayla!

I don’t think there is any argument about it, Kayla rocks. Please join me in wishing her a giant Happy Birthday!

Chalk Gone Crazy

Ok folks, this is getting a little ridiculous. Sometimes the gym looks like the aftermath of a rave with free glitter. Chalk is everywhere. Ground in by sweat and footsteps. Broken chunks littered about, partially stepped on. So many lines of 4 with a fifth drawn diagonally through that one would think it was a pre-school on learning to count day. I …

Lifting Meet

Want to hit the lifting platform? The Hassle Free Barbell Club’s annual Olympic weightlifting meet is in a couple weeks. It is open to anyone, regardless of experience or strength level. Or maybe you just want to check out a real sanctioned meet. Matt Z is already registered to compete and he needs some teammates. – Abraham Lincoln High School, …


If you aren’t following CrossFit West on instagram, why in the world not? It’s nothing but kickass videos and photos of you and your fellow CrossFit West beasts. Check it out.  

New Week

The Holiday Party rocked. It was flat out a great time. And all you bad asses clean up vey nicely. You all looked great. Just mahvelous. But now it’s a new week. Time to get back in the gym and back on track. What is your goal for the week? How are you going to be stronger, faster, more flexible–fitter? …

Holiday Party

Get your sexy on and head down to The Chaminade tonight for our annual CFW Holiday Party. Seriously, you don’t want to miss it. Every year the Holiday Party is a highlight and with our kick ass community, it is sure to be one to remember. So dress to impress, we look forward to seeing you there. What:  CFW Christmas Party Where:  The Chaminade …