Thank You

Thank you for nearly a decade of wonderful memories, CrossFit West. Now go kick some ass on 15.1!

Swan Song

I’ll be teaching my final class at CrossFit West at 9am Friday morning. Please come join me. –Sam  

It’s Here!

The first workout of the 2015 CrossFit Open, 15.1, will be released at 5pm on Thursday. As CrossFit has done for the past couple of years, the announcement will be accompanied by a live head-to-head demonstration of the workout by two top Games athletes. This year, the Open is starting off with a bang as 4-time champ Rich Froning and …

Sign Up!

So true. Register for the Open! You can do it. The first workout, 15.1 is announced Thursday at 5pm. Four-time Games champion Rich Froning will be going head-to-head with last year’s runner-up Matt Fraser. It is going to be awesome. We will be showing all the action on the flatscreen tv above the front desk. Sign up for Team West! …

Cliff’s Last Class

Thank you to everyone who came out for Cliff’s last class as co-owner of CrossFit West. The energy was great and the times were killer. Sam’s last class is Friday at 9am.  

Cliff’s Last Class

Cliff will be teaching his last class at CrossFit West tomorrow (Monday, the 23rd) at 4:30pm. Sam is teaching his last class Friday at 9:00am. Come help say goodbye to CrossFit West’s original owners and usher in the gym’s new era. Anyone, current member or not, is welcome at Cliff and Sam’s final classes. See you there.

Ty’s Pop Up Dinners

Don’t forget to head downtown to Ty’s pop up Paleo kitchen, Local Harvest Eatery, tonight (Thursday). He’ll be serving up awesomeness from 6-10. He is working out of the Front St Kitchen at 504A Front St. Ty specializes in farm to table fresh local clean food and its pretty damn delicious. You won’t regret it. And sign up for the …

Yesterday’s Lessons

Yesterday’s WOD was a broken up version of Helen that had the same amount of work in it as the classic benchmark workout. Yet, times were routinely at least a minute slower than Helen times, if not more. I kind of had a feeling that would be the case when I programmed the WOD and why, and I checked with …

10 Days!

The Open begins in 10 days. Let’s go, folks, we can do this. Get registered at

Sign Up!

The Open is coming up at the end of this month, very soon now. A couple hundred thousand people from all around the world will compete in this year’s Open. Thousands of affiliates, more affiliates than were in existence when the Open first debuted, will hold the workouts every week. The Open is a wonderful participatory event. People of all …

Monday’s Holiday Schedule

This Monday (the 16th) is Presidents’ Day. We usually cancel all evening classes on federal holidays, but members have requested a class. Therefore, because we love you guys so much, there will be the 5:30pm class on Monday evening. Come on in and get your evening workout on. (The 6am-noon classes are as normal.) Have you signed up for the …

Cheat Sheet to Shoulder Health & Vitality – That Shoulder Girdle – Part 3

By Britt Birchall This is Part 3 to That Shoulder Girdle Part  1 and That Shoulder Girdle Part 2, a cheat sheet to shoulder health and vitality. What should you take away from this series on the shoulder girdle? Healthy shoulders girdles are vital to your shoulder health and all things CrossFit. Your posture and position are vital to develop healthy shoulders when: …

New Movements

Rumor has it that there are going to be some new movements at Regionals this year. I was lucky to get some advance video of them (fast forward to 2:00 to see the new moves).

Are You Registered?

Have you registered for the Open? The largest CrossFit community event of the year is only a couple weeks away.

Rules for Injuries

I very rarely repost my old writings, but I was asked about this yesterday and I thought it was too valuable and relevant not to put up again. I originally posted it about three years ago. These guidelines come from Martin Rooney, an author and mixed martial arts (MMA) strength and conditioning coach. While they were originally created for fighters, …

Yeah Adrienne!

A huge congratulations to CrossFit West’s own Adrienne McConnell on her victory in the masters women’s division at the Crash-B’s qualifier near San Francisco this last weekend. While Adrienne is a former collegiate rowing hotshot, she did no extra training for the meet, just CrossFit. No special program, no extra work, no private training, just the group classes. I think it …

Partner WODs

Partner workouts are great. They are basically interval training and I love interval training. Intervals enable you to really give everything you have to the assignment at hand because you know you are going to get a short little rest afterwards. Thus, intervals are great for intensity. Intervals aren’t something that should be done everyday, but I always mix them …

The Open Cometh

The Open is coming; just a few weeks away. Are you signed up? I simply can’t recommend it enough, for all experience and ability levels. And I know every other coach at West says the same thing. Let’s do this.

Weightlifting Meet

CrossFit Monterey and CrossFit Salinas are holding a weightlifting meet to try and get new athletes to experience the sport of weightlifting. Competitors will take 3 attempts in each the snatch and clean and jerk, following the same rules as a typical weightlifting meet. Updates to the competition will be posted on this page. All participants will receive event t-shirts. …