Walk It Out!

Handstand walk practice is on the agenda today! Don’t worry..there are so many modifications to get us all eventually walking upside down!

Sign Up ASAP!

We are hosting 2 big events this May! First of all, we have the USAW Weightlifting Certification on May 9th and 10th 8am-4pm!! This is a great opportunity to get your level 1 certification and get some great insight from Kevin Doherty, Robert Rob Earwicker, and David Garcia of the Hassle Free Bar Bell Club! Go to the Facebook page …

Sumo Deadlifts!

  We’re going to be working on sumo deadlifts today so come in and channel your inner sumo warrior! The sumo deadlift is a powerful exercise that helps develop your hips and entire posterior chain!

Snatch Snatch Snatch!

Today we are going to work on our snatches….Check out this video to see how it’s done!

Sign Up for the Tuff Stuff Competition

Crossfit West is excited to host the Tuff Stuff competition coming up on Saturday May 16th!  Make sure you go to the link below and get signed up ASAP for this fun event! http://www.tuffstuffevents.com/#!west-santa-cruz-may-16-2015/cmpv  

Do You Even Bench Bro?

Happy Saturday! Start your weekend out right and pump up those pectoral muscles!

Partner Up!

  Today’s workout is all about teamwork. While Batman and Robin fight crime, your dynamic duo will chip away for thirty minutes while one partner runs with the sandbag, and the other partner works at the rope climbs, power cleans, and pistols! 

Strict Press!

Today’s skill is strict press!  Why strict press, you ask?  I’ll tell you why! We are going to lay the foundation for building the strength we need for all overhead movements!  Focus on keeping your core, booty and quads tight!

Get Your Heavy Hang Snatch On!

Ok guys.. Let’s get back to the basics and work on that 1st and 2nd pull! Check out this cool video to give you a head start for the lift of the day!  

Golden State Games Recap!

  Last weekend, Daniel J, Matt, Andrea, and Kat represented CrossFit West at the Golden State Games 2 in Stockton. They ran, they lifted, they conquered…Well… almost conquered it all. Our WestSiders finished 7/32 RX teams. Making it to the finals and giving it their all. The weights they  lifted were all pretty much PRs, but the real accomplishments were …

Some Big News

  Our community has just grown! I would like to announce that CrossFit West and CrossFit Ready are now owned and operated by Santa Cruz County Fitness. What this means is that with One full time membership you get access to both gyms. This is only one of the great changes with this new partnership. Stay tuned for more updates!   …

First time swanger.

Wanted to give  a big shout out to Mike! Here he is mid-wod swinging the 70lb kettle bell for the first time! Keep up the great work!  

New swag!

  Do you have a new shirt yet?!

Double unders. Is it your wrist speed, or is it your foot speed? Practice and consistency is key. Do not be so quick to scale to singles, take some time and practice. Below is some inspiration (this was the first video I found to help me learn double unders.. Did it help? Not at all, but pretty cool watch.)

Reserve your Powerlifting spot!

  Tomorrow at 6:15pm CrossFit West will begin its powerlifting classes! This class will be free to CrossFit West and Longevity members, but space will be limited to 12 amazing people! Please sign up or email Leah to reserve your spot. This class is a rare opportunity to learn the 3 BIG lifts from an amazing coach and athlete. DO not miss …