June Promotion extending to ALL OF JULY!

We have received a lot of great feedback with our June promotion, so we are going to extend it for ALL of July!  Ok you got that friend that’s on the fence, or maybe you have someone in the back of your mind that would love CrossFit but has never experienced it. Or has experienced it and taken a little …

All Saturdays and July 4th!

First off. This Saturday CrossFit Ready and CrossFit West will be holding an amazing July 4th party! 3pm Ask your trainer for more details on location. We will have regular classes for both gym (Note class time changes for CrossFit WEST.). CrossFit Ready will be closed Sunday, July 5th, CrossFit West will have Open gym from 11-1pm on  Sunday, July …

4 Awesome ladies!

Last weekend four of our Hassle Free BBC ladies competed in their first weightlifting competition. They came ready with matching outfits, big smiles, and a desire to perform on the platform.  I am not only proud of all their performances, but I am extremely proud of each ladies desire to put themselves out there in front of complete strangers! Make …

front squats

Reps go Down. Sets and weight go up! 2 More weeks left!  

Welcome Rhett to CrossFit!

  Hello Team! I would like to introduce Rhett! Rhett is one of our newest members at CrossFit West/CrossFit Ready. He not only completed his elements, but also during his SECOND day, completed his first rope climb! Rhett is ready to get fit with you all and qualify for the USA National Underwater hockey League!

CrossFit Pyramid part I

CrossFit Pyramid Part I of V by Kayla AKA Karinvore Kayla   The CrossFit pyramid of fitness, let us take a look shall we? We have nutrition as the base, metabolic conditioning is second above that, followed by gymnastics, then by weightlifting, and lastly we have sport on the top. I would like to go through these one by one …

Pull ups today, Jerks tomorrow

Great today at West and Ready! We had a lot of athletes continue to improve their front squats, and push themselves on todays EMOM. Many of you accomplished some great chest to bar pull ups, and many of you witnessed what happened with fatigue. Remember to keep working on your strict pull ups!

Front squat mobility

Some you have been asking me about some front squat mobility drills. Here is a nice video from the man that knows mobility. I hope this will help some of you feel more comfortable in the rack position!

Matt Attack!

  That good looking guy on the left just qualified for the American Open! Last weekend some of your CrossFit Coaches competed in the PWA Championships in lovely Reno, California! Highlights from the event: Coach Kat clean and jerked 88 kilos (193.6lbs), Coach Daniel Cleaned 140 kilos (308lbs), but missed the jerk (insert upside down emoji), and Coach Matt Z …

Some New Members this month!

  Here are Conor (on the right) and Simon (on the left)! Make sure to give these 2 new and talented members some Hi-fives and chest bumps when you see them in class!

Save the Date

  Save the date! CrossFit West and CrossFit Ready will be hosting a July 4th party! Food, fireworks and fun. Stay tuned for more details. Hint : dodgeball, bbq, fitness, and pool!    

Pull Ups this month!

  Pull up work for June! Make sure to do your progressions this week! If you miss class today, get your pull up work in after or before one of the classes this week! 1. Strength development – Sets of 3-5 strict or weighted pull ups 2. Kipping efficiency – Tap swings; Hollow/Arch 3. Butterfly efficiency – Small circles. Foot rotations. …

The Russian is coming to Santa Cruz

  On June 15 and Tuesday June 16 from 6pm-10pm, our neighbors are going to host an awesome 2 day Olympic lifting seminar from one of the strongest men in the world. Price : $280 for both days. Contact: Clay 831-778-0875 for tickets! Get a group of 3 friends together and get a 10% discount! Get a group of 5 …

Front squat Fridays

  Don’t forget to bring your friends to the gym this month to try a class out! Sign them up and get some money!

Oil Pull

Oil Pull by Kayla AKA Karnivore Kayla “Wake up in the mornin feelin like P. Diddy, grab my glasses I’m oil pulling gonna….” Yeah I said it!! OIL PULLING. And yes, it is all part of my morning routine including feeling like a male rapper that changes his name 5 times and counting in his music career. So what is …

Pulling it up in June

Our skill for the month of June is “Pulling”. Depending on your level, you will either: be working on your strength ( let’s get a pull up)2 2. Working on creating a safe/ correct/ and efficient kipping pull up. 3. . Working on creating a safe/ correct/ and efficient butterfly pull ups. Check out the video tomorrow on some efficiency tips!

Have a friend join and get paid!

  Ok you got that friend that’s on the fence, or maybe you have someone in the back of your mind that would love CrossFit but has never experienced it. Or has experienced it and taken a little break from it. Call, text, or Snapchat them to come sign up for CrossFit Ready or CrossFit West! For every member that …