Coach Kristen to West!

  New to West, but an OG at Ready! I want you all to warmly welcome Coach Kristen to the CrossFit West staff! Kristen will consistently begin to teach the Thursday evening classes at CF West. She is an amazing, energetic, and positive Coach, who is excited to start training the Thursday crew’s.  

PSL Time

    by Kayla Behold…PSL season! And now for the top headline, “Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Will Be Made With Actual Pumpkin This Year”! The word “actual” in that sentence actually warms my soul as much as hearing McDonald’s boasting that their McNuggets are now made with real chicken. So now, I’d be honored to share with you my guilt-free …

Last Affiliate cup post

  Yes yes, another Affiliate cup post. People have been wanting to sign up, but are still having problems with the actual process! We have many people interested in making a team, but only have 3 teams signed up (We have 8 total spots at the moment, with both gyms)   Step 1: Click the link below to go to …

Affiliate Cup teams assemble!!!

  The local Santa Cruz fitness competition between CrossFit gyms is coming soon! We have 2 gyms to create 8 total teams of 4 athletes. Start gathering a team together and message [email protected]! Look below for more info.   Affiliate Cup Saturday October 24th All workouts will be two females and two males, but you can sign up for a …

Hassle Free Cycle III Starts tomorrow

  Hello team! We are excited to keep this Hassle Free BBC continue and improve! Cycle III begins tomorrow! PS: Squats this week: Monday & Wednesday

Endurance Friday

this weeks Endurance Friday involves a teeny tiny bit of rowing. Check out below for some tips!

Rich Froning Movie is Here!

    CrossFit HQ would like to invite you and your affiliate to a screening of “Froning: The Fittest Man in History” on Thursday, Sept. 17. Please see below for details on the event.   Date: Thursday, Sept. 17 Time: 7 p.m., Doors open at 6 p.m. for will call.  Location: Regal Riverfront Stadium 2,155 River St. S, Santa Cruz, California 95060 Ticket …

Powerlifting comes tomorrow!

Do you want to get stronger? Tomorrow at 5:30pm at CrossFit West, We will begin our 8 week powerlifting cycle! If you are interested come out and give it a try! 5:30pm, Tuesday,  at CrossFit West! Be there!

Gymnastics by Karnivore Kayla

  Part III of V: Gymnastics By K.K. To quote one of my guilty pleasure movies, “It’s not called gym-nice-tics”…(Stick It 2006. I promise I won’t tell anyone if you see this movie.) Perhaps there was a time when you took “gymnastics” as a kid, which mostly involved doing somersaults, walking across the balance beam to cannonball off the end, …

Affiliate cup is coming!

Hey CrossFit West and Ready world! The annual Affiliate Cup competition is coming in October. Hosted my the amazing Annie and Gary at CrossFit Central! Look/click below for more details! Click Here for more info! Some Details:   – 4 teams per gym. -Teams can be 4, 5 or 6 people. The cost for a 4 person team is $160 …


Lets see what double cleans you can get!

Powerlifting Federation Starts Next week! Time to Sign up!

  Powerlifting/Strength Training Class meeting twice a week, Tue/Thu at 5:30 pm   One cannot be fit without being strong.  Our new Strength Class is for anyone interested in building their basic strength skills for more success in our regular CrossFit classes or those eager to push past a personal record. Attending this class is a simple and effective way to …

Rich Froning Movie!

Keep this Thursday evening open! We have received whispers from the CrossFit Underground that the Rich Froning Movie is coming to downtown Santa Cruz! In the next couple days CrossFit HQ will release more information in the next day or so! Get your tickets fast when they release! PS. Use this link to help spit out your numbers for out current …

Happy labor day

Happy labor day CrossFit world! Reminder: We only have the following classes for labor day 6am/7am/9am/10am/12pm  

10 rounds…

Gotta go the distance tomorrow with 10 rounds! Please note that we will ONLY have morning classes This Monday!