Get Your Endurance Wod On

Get ready for a world of fun today! Sweat! Cardio! and Endurance! Nice T-shirts Coach Nico!

More Squats

Yes More squats tomorrow! We are almost done with our squat cycle! Hope you all are enjoying the gains!

Learn some Olympic Lifting Skills

  Tomorrow evening, get coached by one of the nations best. All donations will help David represent the USA in Russia! Wednesday.5:15pm- 7pm. at CrossFit West. $25.00 per athlete.  

David the Heavyweight is coming Wednesday

  Ladies and gentleman the big man himself is coming to CrossFit West to coach, and share his wealth of knowledge in the Olympic Lifts! Those darn snatches and clean and jerks! David has been competitively weightlifting for over 11 years, and is currently ranked as one of the top American Weightlifters in the 105 kg class! Currently David trains …

Time to get Sweaty!!

Get ready for a lot of fun and different movements! Also Coach Matt, Coach Kat, Coach Daniel J, and 2 other athletes from the Hassle Free BBC (Arthur! and Owen! .

Quality over Everything

Quality over Everything By Karinvore Kayla I originally felt compelled to title this piece “Why I will never be an advocate of ‘If it fits your macros’”…or “cupcakes & cleans”…or whatever excuse it takes for people to feel less guilty about shoving non-food items down their pie-holes…. Now I’m sure, like with everything (CrossFit hello), counting macros, and small business …


Time to use that sled!  

Save the Date All

  We at CrossFit West and CrossFit Ready are having our first Christmas Party for all our awesome members, so save this date… It’s going to be epic! The date : December 4th Where: Hotel Paradox What to bring: An awesome attitude!

Affiliate cup Workouts are in!

Here they are Folks! Workouts for this saturdays affiliate cup! Workout 1: 15 minutes to get max hang squat clean + 4 front squats 1 female & 1 male working at a time (2 barbells) Score equals combined weight of each teammates max lift * Hang clean has to pass through a front squat.  You can pause, as Annie shows …

Endurance Friday

Get Ready for your favorite day of the week! Make sure to have plenty of time to rest and recover and be able to hit every workout with full intensity! If you are rushing to get to the buzzer, modify    

spaghetti squash casserole

Deliciousness By Karnivore Kayla This spaghetti squash casserole recipe can really be transformed into anything your mouth truly desires. Buffalo chicken, pizza, tacos, or in this case, chicken carbonara! Now personally, I’ve never had the pleasure of eating real life authentic chicken carbonara, not because I’ve always been a clean eater (that’s a fat lie), but I was a picky …


  Check out what one of the best in the game has to say about muscle ups!  

Happy Birthday Hannah

Happy birthday Hannah! Come to the gym for some post workout fuel to celebrate one of Hannah’s favorite foods…The Burger…Not made by any mortal hands though, a burger made by Master chef Ty!  Ty has stopped his Wednesday nights at the Food lounge, but is coming to CrossFit West THIS Wednesday from 4-7pm to cook some of his famous burgers …

Track it and Get it

Heavy clean and jerks tomorrow. Not only how much you can pull to your shoulders, but also how much you can jerk over your head. Many of us are held back by our jerk, in the “clean and jerk”. key points:   For a Premium jerk: 1. Focus on the clean first. The better the clean, the less taxing on …

Endurance Fridays

The goal is to maintain intensity. Do not go crazy out the gate and crash and burn like the picture below:     Focus on maintaining a pace for all your rounds, let it be rowing or running, and who knows, maybe you will end up running like the bolt:

Skill work

Time to spend some time inverted and hopefully after our class we will do the following:

Testing week continutes

This week we are going to write some numbers in our books! Yesterday we found a heavy single snatch, and a 2k row for time! Tuesday, lets find a heavy single Push Press and some one arm KB work!

A trilogy

Get ready to start your week with a Trilogy.  3 parts…Heavy squats, find a heavy snatch, and find a 2k row time!