The NorCal Qualifier-from Jocelyn’s Perspective

The calm before the storm.  Jocelyn gathering it all together seconds before go. NorCal Qualifier, Sunday.    


The calm before the storm. Jocelyn gathering it all together seconds before go. NorCal Qualifier, Sunday.

Tonight’s post is from Jocelyn.  It is written in the wake of her victory at the CrossFit Games Northern California Qualifier, thus securing her a spot at the Games this July.  

Living.  Right now it physically hurts.  Even 48 hours later there’s an ache that runs through the middle of my back that makes it tough to get in and out of my chair.  Simply bending over to pick up a 5lb plate for Samantha, who is about to PR on her back squat at 195lbs, feels like a 195lb squat in itself.  I kneel to watch Matt L PR on his back squat too (275lbs) to be sure that the hip crease is below his knee, but my eyelids are heavy.  And when I demonstrate the burpee for Kirsten (who it turns out has a natural knack and love for the burpee- crazy lady!), it feels as though I’ve been beaten with Brad’s cop baton for prematurely getting too rowdy at the bars in celebration of Cinco de Mayo (or rather CFWSC’s new box grand opening party- way more exciting actually!)  Funny thing is, I love the way it feels.  It is remnant of something very special. I feel this pain with every move I make throughout the day, only to reflect on some moment from the NorCal Qualifier this past weekend and it makes me very proud to be a CrossFitter. 

When we first arrive early in the morning, it is already starting to get crowded.  Parking spaces are running out and the parking lot volunteers have to direct us to a muddy area off in the distance.   Families are already gathered with their canopy tents and their coolers and their dogs; some stroll the terrain of the hill just to see what it feels like.  Fans and affiliate members proudly sport their box t-shirts as they strike up conversations with fellow CrossFitters whom they’ve never met before but somehow feel as though they’ve been friends forever.  The aroma of gluten free zone perfect chili fills the air as the health food vendors prepare the day’s menu.  Athletes can be seen jogging along the perimeter, moving their joints through full range of motion, preparing for their next heat.  A voice from a loud speaker can be heard announcing that the next WOD will start in 10 minutes.  That CrossFit energy immediately begins to permeate you, evoking a faster heart beat and a rush of adrenaline.  

I could sit here and reminisce for you about how hard the workouts were and how it feels to have won the Qualifier, etc., but the moments that stand out the most are the moments when I stood quietly and looked around just to soak these things in.  Here we are, hundreds of CrossFitters, gathered at a ranch in the middle of California, in the rain mind you, to either compete in this crazy sport (one that makes you super fit, healthy, strong, and happy) OR to cheer the competitors on with the same genuine excitement that a parent has for their child when he or she is performing in some way. 

That pain in my back reminds me how happy it made me to see Beto’s face show up with his daughter right before my muscle up workout, and Vero’s excitement after my Catch 22 hill run.  And when John and his daughter Isabella high fived me and showed me the pic they got on their iPhone.  There was Rachel and Jesse who brought their usual bad ass energy (I love it!).  There was Ashley who I could hear screaming louder than anyone (even though I gave her rhabdo- ha just kidding), and Derek and Desmond, and Kirsten and Daniel, and Emily and Mowgli, and Nancy and Peter.  There was Kristin, and Shannon, and Sean.  There was Billy (fellow competitor and badass) and Justin (also fellow competitor and badass) from Los Gatos who can’t help but radiate that competitive energy.  Not to mention the support from a distance from people like Molly and Brad who texted to keep in the loop as well as everyone else back home who blogged in. 

And then there was Kyle, the best training partner and motivator ever; and Mr. Sam R himself, amazing coach and even better friend, who is the reason I got there to begin with.  These guys ran with me on that last WOD, screaming in my face, from the deadlifts to the dumbbells, forcing me to take my performance to a level I’ve never been. 

It’s amazing what we have, CrossFitters.  Especially here at CrossFit West.  You all know my motto: Be better.  Just be better than you were before.  Be better than you were yesterday.  Be better than you were the workout before, than the rep before, and just keep going.  With a family and support system like the one we have here, it’s not difficult, beyond some sweat and intensity, to achieve that.  

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for supporting Kyle and me at the Qualifier.  And also thank you for supporting each other.  It’s a truly special thing. You guys rule! 

End Note:

The workouts in our region were in fact extremely tough and the competition very stiff (congrats to to all the qualifiers).  Each WOD consisted of some form of HEAVY WEIGHT.  For whatever reason, Nor Cal seems to put out a really high caliber of athlete; although I know exactly the reason CFWSC does: the reason is named Mr. Sam Radetsky-King of Hard and Heavy.  So the next time Heavy Deadlifts come out of his hopper I wouldn’t complain too much:)  I think everyone can agree that Sam has taken each of us to levels we never thought possible.  Thanks Sam!

How do you think the feeling of family-like support in CFWSC has helped you as a CrossFit athlete?  Do you think it makes that much of a difference?

Workout (courtesy of the Black Heart):

Clean and Jerk 155/100#



Kettlebell Swing 63/45#

Max reps in 1 minute of each exercise. No rest between exercises. Rest 1 minute. 

Max reps in 45 seconds of each exercise. Rest 15 seconds between each exercise. Rest 1 minute.

Max reps in 30 seconds of each exercise. Rest 30 seconds between each exercise.

Please post WOD and score to Comments.