30 Days of Paleo

Part of the 6am crew. They are probably batshit crazy for training day in and day out at 6am, but no one charges harder.

In an effort to get her family to eat healthier, CF West Santa Cruz CrossFitter Arsy V. recently started a blog devoted to eating Paleo–30 Days of Paleo.  On it, she talks about her experiences eating Paleo, relates a lot of great recipes, and talks about the reasoning and science behind the Paleolithic Diet.  There is even a mini book review. Here are a couple of examples: “What’s Up With Grains” and “Your Daily Dose of Fish Oil”.

Arsy was kind enough to answer some questions about the blog.

What made you start 30 Days of Paleo with the blog and everything? I was constantly preaching to my friends and family about how much my quality of life has changed since I started eating this way.  I think that a lot of people want to become healthier, but they just don’t have access to the right information. My family has tons of health problems – diabetes, cholesterol, you name it, they’ve got it. I spent years obsessing over nutrition and trying to figure out what’s healthy, so I didn’t end up with the same health concerns.  All the mainstream information out there, always left me with too many questions and never with any true results. For example, a dietitian looked at my food log once and told me that a snack of fruit isn’t sufficient enough, I need to add half a cookie to help me stay full longer. No joke, half a cookie! How about some nuts or some slices of meat? The paleo diet was something that just seemed like common sense. For the first time, I was able to make a diet into a lifestyle because this way of eating philosophically made sense to me. I wanted to help expose other people to this. I wanted to show people that were not aware of the paleo diet that it is really easy and that you have tons of options, and it’s soooo good for you!

How many people have you gotten to join you? About 100 people a day are reading the blog, but only about 20 are actually doing it. It’s been cool, I have been using facebook to get the word out and there are people from high school and college that I haven’t talked to in years doing it! I hope that even if people are not strictly following it, it exposes them to the information and helps them make healthier choices.

What are you going to do with your diet and the blog when the 30 days are up? This way of eating has truly become a lifestyle change for me, so I plan to continue eating this way and to urge the readers of my blog to also make that change. I also plan to keep the blog going, maybe not with a daily post, but weekly or bi-weekly. I will update it with recipes and any new or interesting information I come across.

Arsy has done a great job with 30 Days of Paleo.  Check it out.

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