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Please, if you are not training, stay off the mats!

Please, if you are not training, stay off the mats! Especially while wearing hippie footwear.

One thing I like about CF West is that the members show up in all the different trainers’ classes.  I teach Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Jocelyn and Kyle teach Tuesday and Thursday.  Jason teaches Monday through Thursday.  The same people come to all the different classes depending on their schedules or where they are in their 3-on-1-off cycle.  Members do not have their personal favorite trainers and only go to that person’s classes.  You never know, for example, which class Kirsten will be in. It makes for a great community as everyone knows and trains with each other.

When I first started CrossFit, many members trained with specific trainers, myself included.  I went primarily to a couple trainers’ classes, or just worked out with one of them on our own, and rarely went to other trainers’ classes.  Thus, I still run into people who did CrossFit in those days and I never once saw them or shared a class with them. It is always fun to meet these people, but there isn’t the same camaraderie as there is with people who cheered me on in class.

And that is why CF West tries hard to make sure that there aren’t classes with biases.  There aren’t special hardcore classes, or soccer mom classes, or police classes, or jujutsu and mma classes.  Do soccer moms need a different kind of fitness than police officers do?  Not according to CrossFit.  Sure, every trainer has their own touch and style. This is reflected in their individual programming and that is a lot of the fun, but no one avoids such and such a class because the teacher is renowned for high rep chippers with wall ball.

It just makes for a great community and that is as important to me as the nearly constant stream of PRs.

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7 X

1 Thruster

2 Push Jerks

3 Front Squats

Don not put the bar down during each set.  Add weight each set.


1 Squat Clean (as heavy as you can)

5 Pullups

50m Sprint

On the minute for 15 minutes.

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