CrossFitting Around the World


Tonight’s Post is coming to you live and direct from Jocelyn Forest, currently on softball tour in Italy and Greece.


CrossFiting Around the World

It’s not just a line we throw out there to sensationalize the convenience of CrossFit.  It’s actually true.  CrossFit can be done anywhere.  When you’re camping or backpacking you can find trails for sprints, and rocks or tree stumps for box jumps.  When you’re traveling to big cities for business you can do your distance runs in the streets ( is a great way to map out exact distances and routes) or find parking lots for double unders and burpees.  Even when you travel the world you can always find a park, an alley, or a front yard to get your metcon on.  It’s just as World Class Fitness in 100 Words says (and you know I love to quote World Class Fitness) “routine is the enemy.”  You should mix all of the CrossFit movements in as many fashions as “creativity will allow.” 


But creativity is, in fact, they key when it comes to CrossFiting on the road for prolonged periods of time.  I’ve been in Europe for over a week now and have had the opportunity to CrossFit in Greece and Italy.  With yet another week to go, my Creativity has definitely been challenged.  Here are a few of the WODs I’ve done so far:


5 Rds

30 Double Unders

10 Push Ups

120yd Shuttle run (sprint 30yd there and back twice)

30 Air Squats


300m Run (loop around park)

21 Ledge Jumps (found concrete park bench)

15 HSPU (against building in park)

300m run

15 Ledge Jumps


300m run

12 Ledge Jumps


300m run

9 Ledge Jumps



5 Rds

30 Double Unders

10 Burpees


Then: 10 40yd sprints (full speed, full recovery)


Distance run: 3miles (ran through the streets of Italy- great sight seeing too)


AMRAP 15min

3 Pistols (3 ea leg)

6 Push Ups

9 Burpees


Be sure to toss a jump rope in your bag before you travel.  Try to plan out some WODs ahead of time so you aren’t left scratching your head wondering what you should do today.  Also, be prepared for the funny looks you will get when you CrossFit on the street because just like at home, those funny looks are the same in every culture. 


How has your CrossFit creativity been challenged when traveling?  Do you have any cool travel WODs you’d like to share?


Workout of the day- on the road of course:


50 Double Unders


5 rds

15 Jump squats

10 Push ups

20 Sit ups


50 Double Unders


Post WOD and time to comments.