Good Friday


Jason, floating on the bar. Pullup standards, what.

It was a good day today at CF West Santa Cruz. Great people, great workouts, great efforts. I don’t need much reminding why I am in this business, but today sure spelled it out for me.

Thanks for showing up and working so hard, folks.

Apparently inspired by Derek’s deadlift PR yesterday, we had a rash of deadlift PRs today. Kyle B pulled 455#, Molly 185#, and Jessica killed 138#, a 25# jump. And congratulations to Beto on his first ring muscle ups. Great job everyone.



AKA The Three Bars of Death

10,9, 8, 7…3, 2, 1

Deadlift 1 1/2 BW

Clean 3/4 BW

Bench Press BW

There are two ways to scale Linda. You can do a lighter weight or less reps, like 10, 8, 6, 4, 2. Use a spotter on the bench; 55 bodyweight bench presses gets heavy fast.

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