3rd Annual SC Affiliate Challenge


The 40+ teams tackle WOD 1.

Ellie girl hits the top of a burpee during team practice.

The workouts for this Saturday’s 3rd Annual Santa Cruz County Affiliate Challenge were released yesterday, and the CrossFit West Santa Cruz teams convened today to give WOD 1 a run through. Even with WOD 3 still partially unknown, the first two WODs are varied enough to really give the athletes a chance to showcase their abilities and fitness.


With over 160 competitors from the five local affiliates, the 3rd SC Challenge has reached an unprecedented size, and promises to showcase the high level of CrossFit in Santa Cruz, the birthplace of CrossFit.


Overhead Squat

Set a new 2RM

Then (from CFFB):

10 Rounds

3 Power Snatches – 65% of 1 RM
3 Burpees