4 Awesome ladies!


Last weekend four of our Hassle Free BBC ladies competed in their first weightlifting competition. They came ready with matching outfits, big smiles, and a desire to perform on the platform.  I am not only proud of all their performances, but I am extremely proud of each ladies desire to put themselves out there in front of complete strangers! Make sure to give them all some big High-Fives!


Gina with a total of : 127 kilos


Gabby with a total of : 106 kilos


Heather with a total of : 100 kilos


Sara with a total of : 96 kilos

Workout of the day :

Buy in : 400m run

then 3 rounds

5 Thrusters

10 Ground to shoulder

15 deadlifts


Buy out: 400m

CX- 135/95

RX- 115/73

A- 95/53