40 Squats in 1 Minute with 135#! What?

Ed, deep in the hole with 315#.

Ed, deep in the hole with 315#.

CrossFit West Santa Cruz trainer Ed Evans showed once again why he is the master of the back squat. Forty 135# back squats in 1 minute. Unreal. It is hard to imagine the power and stamina one needs for such a feat. Years ago in Highbarger’s class, I did 52 back squats with 135# in 5 minutes and it really hurt.  40 in 1 minute!  Hard to believe, but I saw it.  That is one for the record books.  I will have my video camera handy when Ed goes for it again.

Any takers?


5 Rounds

Max reps of the back squat in 1 minute. 135/85#

Take plenty of rest between rounds.

Post numbers for each round to Comments.  If you did a different WOD, post WOD and score to Comments.