5-10-5 Sprints

The 5-10-5 sprint is a wonderful tool that is sorely neglected.  It is a pretty simple drill.  In a straight line, set up three cones, kettlebells, shoes, anything, 5 yards apart from each other.  Start with two trainees facing each other, touching the middle cone.  Both go in the same direction 5 yards to the end cone, turn 180, and sprint to the far end cone, turn 180 and go back 5 yards to finish at the middle cone.  It can, of course be done solo as well.

The skills and attributes that the sprints train are numerous, and this is has led to the 5-10-5 sprint being a staple in football training, as well as rugby, lacrosse, and soccer.  In a CrossFit box, however, they are not so common.  I love to mix 5-10-5 sprints into a class or a WOD.  On their own, they make a great finisher, an explosive warmup before a longer WOD, or simply as a separate workout.  As part of a WOD, they are absolutely brutal as there is no room for sandbagging.  The sprints are pure power.

I like to pair the sprints with a heavier movement for a classic couplet.  An example might be heavy cleans or kettlebell swings on the minute for 3 minutes then 3 minutes of 5-10-5 sprints for 2 or 3 rounds. A favorite of Jocelyn’s is the AMRAP format with 2-3 minutes of a couplet or triplet and 2-3 minutes of sprints for several rounds.  These WODS are also a great way to train a large class as groups can alternate between the sprints and the movements.

Throw some 5-10-5 sprints into your training, you are only limited by your imagination.

Ideas?  Please post to Comments.


Back Squat

5×5 (add 5 pounds to your last 5×5 number)


AMRAP in 12 minutes:

5 Power Cleans (go heavy, these are not touch and go reps)

10 DB Push Press/Jerk 40/25#

15 Double Unders