Foam Roll!

*WARNING: This video contains footage of a cadaver.

Just another reason to schedule a massage. Don’t want to spend the money?  Do some foam rolling for many of the same benefits.

Superficial fascia is a connective tissue located below the skin that wraps and connects the muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels of the body. Together, muscle and fascia make up what is called the myofascia system (  Lack of proper warm up, stretching, and even injuries can cause the fascia and muscle tissue to stick together.  This adhesion causes stiffness, soreness, pain, as well as reduced flexibility and range of motion.

Myofascial release is a body work technique in which a practitioner uses gentle, sustained pressure on the soft tissues while applying traction to the fascia. This technique results in softening and releasing of the fascia and breaking down scar tissue or adhesions between skin, muscles and bones (  However, if you don’t have the time, money or desire to schedule an appointment with a professional, the foam roller works wonders.

The foam roller (located in our equipment rack with the kettle bells) can be used to perform a self-myofascial release, break up scar tissue, and soften tight fascia while increasing blood flow and circulation to the soft tissues.  By using your body weight to press and roll into the the foam cylinder you can stretch muscles and tendons and break down soft tissue adhesions (like that fuzz in the video) and reduce tightness, aches and pains.

Foam rollers are inexpensive (you can get your own on for about 20 bucks) and with a bit of experimentation you can target just about any muscle group.  If you start being aggressive about foam rolling and stretching and can fight through the discomfort that comes in the beginning you will be amazed at how much better you feel and perform.


Hang Snatch+ Snatch


5 Rounds:

5 Sand Bag P.Cleans (70/50)

8 Sand Bag Half Moons (70/50)

10 Pull Ups