Mobility Fanatics!

Hello devoted CrossFit West Santa Cruz folk!  Since mobility and flexibility work has been so wildly popular in the gym lately (and for good reason!) I thought I’d re-post a couple of awesome Kelly Starrett mobility wod videos for all of your mobility and stretching pleasures.  These two vids pull together a whole bunch of the best lower body and upper body mobility workouts, all of which are sure to have you moving well in no time.  You know what that means… Bigger Back Squats, more agile hurdle jumps, and faster “Fran” times!

Don’t forget the the famous K-Starr is coming right here to CF West on Jan. 22nd 2011. This is a certification seminar that you won’t want to miss!  Sign up by clicking HERE.


Snatch + Hang Snatch


AMRAP 10 min

2 Bar Muscle ups

4 Pistols (2 each Leg)

8 KB Snatch (4 ea side)

16 Double Unders