Jason's 6am crew. These guys charge harder than most people before most people even get out of bed.

Coached by CrossFit OG and veteran coach Jason H, the 6am crew is one of the most dedicated and loyal at CrossFit West. And, led by Johnny V, probably the loudest. We love you guys.

A huge congratulations to Chris Carlson on being named Defensive Player of the Year for the Western Collegiate Lacrosse League. Chris works his butt off in the gym and constantly hustles on the field.  It is good to see all his hard work recognized with this highly deserved reward.


Overhead Squat

7×2 @ 80-85%


8 Rounds

1 Muscle Up + 5 Ring Dips

2 Power Cleans (205/143)

100m Sprint

The moment of might features Turkish champ Nurcan Taylan clean and jerking 266# at a bodyweight of 105#!