Jerk Boxes

Jerk boxes hand crafted by Mark Drobac

Thanks to CF West’s own Mark Drobac, we now offer a set of beautiful jerk boxes.  Mark built these boxes for us by hand, leaving out no detail.  Jerk boxes have lot’s of uses, first an foremost allowing lifters to Jerk heavy doubles, triples, or higher without having to lower the weight slowly (and dangerously) to the shoulders.  They can also be used for Snatches and Cleans from the blocks (forcing the lifter to full extension with velocity), heavy Snatch Push Press to OH Squat, box jumps, and pretty much anything creativity will allow (after all, that is the CrossFit way).  We are very grateful Mark!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  And also, Happy Valentines Day everyone!


B.Squat 7×3

AMRAP 12 Min

5 Snatch Balance (135/95)

7 Box Jumps (20)

9 KB Swings (2 pood)