Arnolds 2011

Arnolds 2011 Women’s Elite Session from Jocelyn Forest on Vimeo.

Above is many of the lifts from the Women’s Elite Sesson at this years Arnold’s Weightlifting Championships.  The only downfall?  Not enough battery in the camera to get the final top C&J by Aimee Anaya at 244lbs!

This weekend was the annual Arnold’s Sports festival in Columbus OH.  This is one of the largest sports festivals in existence and attracts top athletes (and fans) from all around the world.  It has everything from Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, and MMA fighting to fencing and gymnastics.  For the second year in a Row, CrossFit has been a part of the festival as well- this year featuring a series of workouts including “Fran,” “Grace,” and a 2010 Games like version of “King Kong” performed by CrossFit Weblebrities and Games competitors.

The festival also hosts one of the top three National meets for USA Olympic Weightlifting which CF West Trainer Jocelyn Forest participated in.  Through CrossFit Jocelyn got involved in Olifting and after just 8 months in the sport is ranked in the top 10 Nationally.  She was lucky enough to be included in the Women’s elite session along with Superstars like Olympian and American Record holder Natalie Burgener (63kg), National Champion Aimee Anaya Everett (69kg), Olympian Amanda Sandoval (58kg), Jr National Champion Chioma Amaechi (75+), Canadian National team hopeful Kara Yessie Doherty (75kg), among others.   This session (unlike any other USAW sanctioned meet) combined athletes from different weight classes showcasing the heaviest weights lifted at the meet.  It was an amazing class of strong women and inspirational for many.