A Different Kind of Scaling

A blast from the past photo. Leslie Hsu at last year's SC Affiliate Challenge while Emmett sacks out between WODs. We miss you Tiger.

Scaling is usually taken to mean in terms of strength, or more accurately, lack thereof. Such as less weight on the bar, or band assist pullups. Scaling, of course, can be in the opposite direction with more weight on the bar or C2B pullups instead of regular ones, for example.

Scaling can also be positional scaling due to mobility issues. Such as deadlifting off blocks or stacked plates due to extreme hamstring tightness forcing the back into a dangerous position. Take a look at Cameron in the pic above. Due to shoulder and upper back tightness, he cannot rack the bar properly and this causes him a lot of pain during heavier front squats. Rather than never lifting a challenging weight, he is using lifting straps to achieve a proper rack position during front squats.  This enables him to lift heavy and get stronger.  Meanwhile, he is attacking his inflexibility with stretches, ball rolling, and other mobility work, as well as employing a standard front rack position at lighter weights.

What other examples of positional scaling can you think of? Please post to Comments.


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