A Fun Weekend and a Fun Workout

Most of the group.  I look skinny.

Most of the group. They make me look pretty skinny.

WOD and times.

WOD and times.

I had the honor and privilege of attending the CrossFit Level 2 Certification this weekend. Whenever a group of CrossFitters gather, I am impressed anew with both the fitness level and the camaraderie that CrossFit fosters.

On the fitness end, wow. These guys (and girl) were fit! CrossFitters can do it all. Powerlift, O-lift, bodyweight, sprints, rowing. You name it. And some good weight, good times, and good form. In short, there was a lot of intensity.

And the camaraderie. How often can you get a dozen or two competitive guys together, write their names on a whiteboard, give them a timed workout, and see nothing but brotherhood? It’s pretty rare, but CrossFit does it day after day. It’s a real pleasure to see. And an even greater pleasure to be part of.

To all you guys who I spent a long and fairly grueling weekend with, thank you. I learned a lot and I am happy and grateful that I got to share this experience with all of you. And, whether you passed or not, congratulations. I think we all came away better teachers, coaches, and trainers.

And, of course, thank you to Adrian, Todd, Freddy, and Dave. I really appreciate your help and coaching.


3 Rounds

5 Deadlifts

5 Cleans

5 Push Press

10 Pullups

15 Box Jumps

Lads use 95, lassies 65#. Firebreathers use 135/85#.

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