A Great Day

Pat, Billy, and Ian.

Saturday just plain rocked. It was a great day.

A huge thank you to the Strength Specific Seminar team of Billy Bybee, Ian Droze, and Pat Mendes. They put on a fantastic seminar. There were a ton of PRs, everyone learned a lot, and watching Pat do a touch and go 5 rep snatch set with 320 pounds was pretty incredible. Thanks again guys.

Thank you to all our wonderful members for a great Holiday Party. It was the best one yet, minus Cliff’s rambling second speech.  It was great to see everyone dressed up and looking fancy. You guys are a good looking bunch. We will accumulate photos this week and post them to the CrossFit West Santa Cruz Facebook page.

Let’s hit this next week hard and get ready to finish 2011 with a bang.

See you in the gym.


Front Squat

5×5, add 5#


21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3

OH Squat 95/65#

Hang Power Clean 95/65#

Hand Release Pushup