A Great Day!

Go, Tan!!

Today was a big day for Tan!  He’s been putting in the extra work lately in order to get his first muscle up, and that hard work has paid off!  Congrats on your first muscle up, Tan!!

In addition to lots of fun and frustration on the ring work today, we all thoroughly enjoyed those 2 minute Air Dyne sprints!  Let’s do those every week, right?


They all still look great. I think this was round 1.

At least Cliff was able to relish this opportunity to have everyone really pay attention to what he was saying-


Back Squat

5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5


3 Power Snatch 80% of snatch 1RM

7 Ring Dips

Do 3 rounds, rest for 2 minutes

2 rounds, rest for 1 minute

1 round (6 rounds total)

Your score is the total time, minus the 3 minutes of rest, it takes to complete the WOD.