A Great Year

Emmitt and Kevin "enjoying" our new Butcher by Rogue (Kyle comes separately) on our new Turf

It’s been a great year here at CrossFit West Santa Cruz.  In order, we wrapped up another successful Paleo Challenge with Leah Lutz as our Grand Champion (she’s lost a total of 65lbs and hit some amazing numbers in her lifts, such as a 273lb back squat, completed “Grace” Rx’d at sub 4 minutes beating her old time by about 4 minutes as well as gone from 1 pull up on the really thick blue band, to 12 on the green band, to 1 real kipping pull up, just to name a few accomplishments).

We have moved into a beautiful new 10,000 sq foot space and filled it with awesome equipment.  All new Rogue pull up and squat structures have allowed us the convenience of lifting heavy while moving smoothly to our pull ups and/or ring dips during metcons.

We regularly put our new artificial turf to use in our dynamic warm ups, sprints, and 5-10-5 cone shuttle races.  And not many have escaped the excitement of our new Butcher, sleds, and airdyne bike.

We hosted an incredibly successful Grand Opening Party that mimicked a “mini CrossFit Games” as well as marked our upcoming year calendar with lots of exciting CrossFit Specialty certs (endurance, mobility, gymnastics, football, & Olympic lifting) available to ALL who are interested in attending- athletes and coaches alike.

We partnered with CrossFit Longevity who has been providing 50+ generations with quality training that is age and ability appropriate and who is gaining popularity and seeing results on a tremendously upward slope.

And because we love our CF parents so much we’ve provided a 215 sq foot kids area with a TV and rock climbing all so that EVERYONE can come to class regardless of sitter fees or sitter availability.  And PS: we’ll be providing “kids night out” right here at the gym for our Holiday Party on Dec 18th (more details soon).

We’re pretty happy with the year.  And we hope you are too.  Please let us know how we are doing.  We are 100% committed to you- after all, this is your gym and it’s because of you, our loyal customers, that we’ve been able to grow into the community we are.   Please take our customer survey to help us help you. Please click HERE to participate.

Speaking of which, this is a great time to start thinking about your new years resolutions!  What will you be committing to come the new year?  Please post to comments.


Press 5×5


3 Rounds


21 KB Swings

50 Double Unders