A Long Way

Alicia B jerks

Alicia B jerks 193# for a PR

In 2009, one of the events at the CrossFit Games was a max weight snatch. The average snatch among the top ten women was 120 pounds. Fast forward a few short years and the average snatch among the top ten women at the 2012 Games is 163.6 pounds. Yeah, that is pretty impressive. That is a huge jump in a very small amount of time. But that’s not the whole story.

Ok, here is where it gets really interesting. At the 2012 American Open (one of the 2 or 3 top weightlifting events in the US), in one of the most competitive women’s classes, the 69kg (151.8#) class, the average snatch among the top ten women was 161.6 pounds. Not only is that less than the average snatch of the top ten CrossFit Games women, but the average bodyweight of the CrossFit women, at 143.1 pounds, is nearly 10 pounds less than the 69kg class.

Yeah, that’s pretty incredible. I think it’s safe to say that CrossFit has come a very long way.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I did not do the math myself. I got the info from Rudy Nielson of Outlaw CrossFit.)

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Front Squat 5×3 add 5#


3 Rounds

25 Push Press 75/53#

50 Double Unders

400m Run