The noon crew.

Kyle B, up and over the lads.

Lots of active people out there today in Santa Cruz.

At Its Beach today there was an old guy in very short 70s style shorts jogging slowly up and down the beach with a large and well manicured poodle on a leash (Cliff in a few years?). Hey, he rocked. He was out there doing his thing. There were a few body boarders in the water and a couple people were whomping. Passing by Garfield Park after the beach, there was a b-ball game happening and a couple guys had rigged a slack line up from tree to tree. Nice weather in SC?; I saw lots of mountain bikers making their way up to UCSC and the single tracks (CF West Mountain Bike Ride next Wednesday!). Just riding from home to the beach about 4:30 and then meandering back, I saw skaters, surfers, runners, bike riders, people on their way to yoga, ball players, soccer players, swimmers, people doing Tai Chi on the cliffs, jujutsu at Kaijin, and a group of folks at the lighthouse doing the kind of quasi-rhythmic gymnastics stuff with balls and hoops and sticks that you see a lot at Burning Man or the High Sierra Music Festival. Lots of people in the gym today as well. From the 6am class to the final class at 6:30pm, the gym was packed with hard chargers getting their movement on. Getting stronger, getting faster, getting healthier, getting fitter. Each and everyone rocked. I love how active this town is.


Movement is one of many ways to express ourselves. Fashion, hair style, music, cars, and even your choice of dogs are ways we try to get across who we think we are (or want to be). What kind of activities we do probably say a lot about us. I would love to see them all in a CrossFit gym, but honestly, I am just stoked that in this age of obesity, bulging waistlines, sugar addiction, and the horde of resulting problems, so many people are out there moving, just doing something.

I received this in an email from a fellow affiliate owner, Danielle E, today and I am passing it along in case anyone is interested. It sounds pretty fun.

Vargas Academy of Gymnastics in Scotts Valley will be offering an adult gymnastics class on Tuesday evenings from 8:30-9:30pm.  As of now, there has not been enough interest to open the class—that’s where aspiring weightlifting, sprinting, gymnasts fit in.   I spoke with the owner earlier, and the adult class instructor will teach “whatever they want to learn.”  In order to get the class off the ground, we need three people to call and sign-up.  A wait-list will be formed, and once the minimum class size is reached, class will begin.  Picture multiple trampolines and soft surfaces to play on.  Here are the specifics:The class will be offered on a punch-card system and is open to anyone 18 and over.  The rate is  $150 for ten classes, and the 11th class is free.


Front Squat

Find 1RM


3 Rounds

30yd Barbell Walking Lunge (95/65#)

30 Box Jumps (20”)

30 T2B