Affiliate Cup Competition




IMG_1812.JPGCrossFit West Santa Cruz received its affiliate in February of 2008.  We had a place lined up on the westside of Santa Cruz (at the time there were no other affiliates on the westside, hence CF West Santa Cruz) and we opened our doors for almost 3 weeks before we were asked to leave due to noise complaints from a huge biotech firm next door.  Negotiations for our money spread out over 5 months.  It was a rough time.  CF West–myself and a couple others–trained wherever it could.

Come August we found a home renting space in a small gym, also on the westside. We lasted a little over a month there before we were asked to leave so the gym could form its own CrossFit affiliate.  However, I had a contact at Golds Gym who wanted to bring CrossFit classes to Golds.

Soon, CF West was renting abut 400sq feet in the back of Golds.  We hung our rings, put out our chalk buckets, and slowly started to grow.  But, CrossFit and globo gyms are uneasy partners, and we were handed our walking papers again this last March.

Luckily we had a lead on a warehouse in the Harvey West area that was just about to go on the market.  We pounced and come April 1st, CF West finally had its own home.  We made the move to the new box with about 20 loyal members.  With a heartfelt commitment to our members and CrossFit excellence, as well as the great support of our membership community, we have more than doubled that number in the past 4 months.

Today we went head-to-head with 96 other affiliates in the 2009 CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup team competition.  The were some pretty big affiliates in the competition.  Affiliates with years of development behind them.  Huge 5,000sq foot boxes.  Giant memberships.  Fancy equipment.  Special programs for the Games. When the dust had settled at the end of the day, CF West was 34th. 

Congratulations guys.  The CF West team put forth an incredible effort.  I am so proud of our team’s performance.  It was a grueling day with three hard WODs in the hot sun and it was obvious that everyone gave it their all.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support CF West and a special thank you to the team members themselves.  Golden, Kyle, Vero, Desmond, Jason, and Nicole–thank you for representing our affiliate against the best CrossFit has to offer.

But the Games are not over for CF West.  The individual competition begins Saturday morning  at 8:30 for Jocelyn (go Joc!). First up is a 7k trail run followed almost immediately with a heavy deadlift ladder.  The day continues with 3 more events for a total of 5 WODs on Saturday alone.  It is not a day to be missed.  

A carpool will be leaving the box promptly at 7 in the morning if anyone wants a ride out to the Games.  If you go out separately, give me a call once you are there so I can show where our tent is with chairs and blankets.

See you in Aromas.