The non-chartered jump rope club meets regularly after the noon class to practice double unders.

It’s a great album; one of my favorites actually. Paint It Black, Under My thumb, Stupid Girl, a thousand times on the record player and another thousand on the cd player and back to the record player as I appreciated that kind of stuff more.

But I am talking about the aftermath of the twenty eleven CF Games.

There is a lot happening in the aftermath of the Games. Inspiration is a big one. How can you help but be inspired by the performances at the Games?  Every WOD, every moment, made me want to grab a bar and train. Inspired?  You betcha. I am on pins and needles waiting for the announcement of a new 40 plus masters division (perfect for me in a few years) for 2012. The superlative, the incredible, the fun, is always inspiring and this year’s Games had it all in spades.

There is another big element to the Games aftermath–creativity. My creativity is completely energized. I really liked the programming at this year’s Games. Will I draw on that when designing WODs? Of course. In thinking about the events and how I would have changed them or what I would have liked to have seen, my own programming expertise is strengthened and expanded.

I watched with great interest the various styles of rope climbing displayed by the competitors. Will some of them work better than the way I currently climb the rope? Maybe, and I am going to try them to find out. Were some of the styles worse than the way I climb the rope? Yes, and watching those styles made me very aware of the importance of the legs and hips in rope climbing. As did watching the ways the competitors descended the rope. Which style had that perfect mix of speed, efficacy, and safety?

Where did some of the athletes fail, and why? Was it poor movement choice? A power jerk instead of a split jerk? Was it poor strategy? Coming out too hard and fast and not being able to keep the pace? Why did an athlete get no-repped on a movement? Lack of mental awareness, lack of mobility, ingrained habit?  How did these athletes prepare for the Games? What kind of training program did they have?  These kind of questions stimulate my own creativity and coaching prowess.

The Games, as they have been every year, are a huge booster shot of creativity.  The chance to mingle and talk, to experience the abilities of my peers, marvel at the competitors and the events, and always to seek the reason behind everything, the why, is the true aftermath of the Games for me.

The other side of that aftermath, the flip side, is inspiration. Training for the 40+ division in next year’s Games started today.

What did you take away from this year’s Games? Please post to Comments.


1 Front Squat (as heavy as you can)

On the minute for 10 minutes.


10 Rounds

2 Muscle Ups

4 Hang Power Snatches 115/75#