Aimee learning the split jerk.

Athlete Profile: Aimee Shoemaker

Hometown: Aptos, CA

Occupation and/or School: International trade strategy at Hewlett Packard.  BA at CU Boulder, MBA at UC Berkeley.

When did you start with CFW? December 2011 at Amity CrossFit in Palo Alto.

How did you initially get into CrossFit? CFW celebrity Electra Stockwell has been my best friend since pre-school, we literally met on the jungle gym. She and her hottie husband Steve started at CFW a few years ago. They wouldn’t stop talking about how wonderful it was, the expert coaching and the amazing community of friends they found there. I watched them physically transform into the best shape of their lives and became even more intrigued when I understood how it represented far more than just a gym in their lives. So they inspired me to try it out, but I was intimidated (especially after watching them and all the other athletes compete at the Affiliate Cup) and it took me a long time to get the courage to find a local gym in Palo Alto where I was living at the time. It didn’t take long before I was hooked too!

I moved back to SC this past June after many years living over the hill and it was a no brainer to join CFW. I’ve known the incredible Radetsky family forever (Nancy taught me how to swim as  a tot!) and Electra selflessly introduced me to virtually everyone. The welcoming environment at CFW made the transition almost too easy; it is like a home away from home.

Favorite WOD/movement: I really like overheads, especially OH squats and jerk/press movements. I don’t have a favorite WOD yet, in fact I love that the programming is so diverse that you never know what to expect. I do tend to prefer the longer WODs, especially Friday endurance days. There is such a fun, supportive and enthusiastic group of people who come to suffer, ahem, I mean workout, together and end the week on high note.

Least favorite WOD/movement: Crossfit is probably the most humbling activity I have ever tried. There are so many movements I struggle with still. I’m a bit vertically challenged you could say so I used to just dread box jumps after skinning my shin a few times, but I’m slowly getting over it, woohoo!

What is your prior fitness background? I swam competitively throughout my childhood and college and have always loved outdoor sports. I grew up on the beach doing Jr. Guards every summer, going backpacking with my family, running, biking, you name it. In recent years yoga has been a big part of my life, particularly Bikram style.

Do you remember your first WOD? A simple WOD from my first Elements class, a combination of running, burpees, pull ups and air squats maybe?  I could not remember the last time a workout wiped me out in such a short period of time. It was awesome.

How have you improved in CF? Just about everything is getting better – the lifts, body weight exercises, endurance. All the attention to technique and encouragement from the coaches makes it hard not to improve steadily if you come regularly. Some skills seem to take forever to learn, then bam, it happens, it’s like magic!
How often do you usually CF? It’s become addicting so I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but 5-6 times/week?

Any athletic activities outside of the gym? I still practice yoga and find it is a perfect complement to Crossfit, flexibility is so important. I love to run to the beach from my house, we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. I need to learn how to surf now that I’m back in SC, anyone want to teach me?

Any special diet you follow? I’m a bit of nutrition, health and food science/policy dork. I follow a “just eat real food” Paleo based diet. However, I firmly believe that any healthy regimen should be tailored to your unique body type, digestion, genetic disposition, and lifestyle. So I’m always researching and experimenting with what makes me feel good and perform well.  We are always a work in progress!

Have you had any particular challenges you have struggled with in CF, injuries to work around? I have a lingering small hamstring tear from yoga that flares up so I pretty much steer clear of deadlifts.

Favorite CF/CFW moments you’d like to share? I love those 10 seconds after a hard WOD when you are plastered on the floor in a pool of sweat but are relieved to know it is all over.

Any advice for our newbies? I used to be so scared when I saw workouts with things I couldn’t do yet. It took a long time for it to really sink in that every exercise has a functional purpose for your body and thus completely scalable/modifiable to your ability and that is OK. So don’t be intimidated.

Pre-Workout Routine? Seems to always be a combination of foam rolling and chatting it up with the other crazy kids before class.

Post-Workout Routine? Tabata club! If I have the energy I like to play around on other skills I’m working on for a bit then try to stretch/foam roll again.

Share two things you are working on inside the gym: I want to get kipping down, improve on the Oly lifts, get rid of my chicken arms with the jump rope so I can go unbroken on lots and lots of DU’s. Whoops, that’s three.

Favorite non-CrossFit past time: I have a new little fur ball dog Scooter who many of you have met. He is monopolizing a lot of my time lately going on walks, playing and working on training HW from puppy school.

Reminder: The gym will be closed this Saturday because of the Diamond in the Tough Competition. Enjoyt the rest day and come support some of your friends that will be competing!! It’s going to be an awesome day!!


Hang Squat Snatch


OTM for 12

2 Heavy Snatch

5 Plyo Pushups

30 yd Sprint