“Aint nothing but a peanut!”

I guess when you have enough weight on the bar you can sit down comfortably.

A huge congratulations are in order for CrossFit West’s very own Coach Danny and his 300lb. power clean!! If anyone has spent anytime looking at the goal board, you may have noticed the 300lb power clean sitting up in the upper left hand corner for some time now. Well, after today that little piece  of real estate is now open for new challenges and aspirations.
I don’t know what is more impressive, power cleaning 300lb, when just deadlifting that weight is respectable or the fact that thisguy turned down a boy band recording contract in pursuit of barbell training and a degree in exercise physiology. I’m glad he pursued the latter.
Has anyone else recently set any new PR’s? The Personal Record Board is there for you to show your fellow crossfitters how you are improving. Anytime you are able to lift more weight in a movement or do better in a workout then you have done recently feel free to throw it up on the board. It is our version of seeing your name in lights!
Back Squat
Kettle Bell Snatch R/L