All Kinds


Top Row: Lisbeth’s consistent Rope-Climb practice every weekend shows as she has no problem going up the rope. Pete H goes up with no legs. Ashley B climbs the rope for the first time in years.
Middle Row: Angela G uses the practice time to develop and refine a new technique. Morgan H sees how fast she can get to the top with a 20# vest.
Bottom Row: 6’4″, 230# Bilal C (that’s right, he’s down 20# from his previous 250!) see’s Pete H climb the rope with no legs and says, “I can do that.”…and then shows us. Great work, Bilal!

There was all kinds of Rope-Climbs being done during Tuesday’s Strength/Skill work as athletes challenged themselves in different ways with weighted, no-legs, L-Sit, (even weighted-no-legs-L-Sit), new techniques, for time, etc. Great work everyone!

Reminder: CrossFit Watsonville open this Monday, July 1’st! Please come check us out, say hello, get in a workout, hang out and join the CrossFit Watsonville community! 🙂