Always Watching

The noon crew.

The noon crew.

Mike claims his department.

Mike claims his department.

That’s right, in the CrossFit world, someone is always watching.

Andy was grocery shopping in Staff of Life the other day. There was a table set up with free chocolate samples. He was wearing his CF West flaming heart t-shirt (a classic the world over), and as he reached for a sample, a woman, out of the blue, said “Don’t let Sam see you eating that.”

Cliff was at Trader Joes today stocking up for a backpacking trip (he runs backpacking and climbing trips in the Sierras), and he was filling his basket with pasta noodles and oatmeal (for his clients–Cliff eats Zone Paleo on trips). He looked up and Beto was staring down at him shaking his head. Cliff was so embarrassed that he launched into a hasty explanation that the verboten foodstuff was not for him. He then proceeded to checkout and he realized as he piled his gluten and starch on the counter that his cashier was Vyasa, who also just shook his head. Cliff felt compelled to launch into his explanation again.

I was sitting outside in downtown Santa Cruz last week when Susan walked by eating a cookie. Realizing that the guy sitting there looking at her was her trainer, she promptly and adroitly threw the rest of the cookie directly from her lips into a bush and remarked how that piece of dried fruit was a bit off.

Kyle and Jocelyn were at the Crepe Place celebrating Jocelyn’s win at the NorCal Qualifiers with the only alcohol she was allowing herself before the Games, and I came in for dinner. Since Molly was the bartender, she told me when they ordered new drinks. I wrote ‘your coach is always watching’ on the napkin on which the drinks were delivered.

The CrossFit scene is pretty tight. You just never know who might be watching.

Do you have any stories about getting busted?

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Overhead Squat

5 sets of max reps with bodyweight


200m Run

7 Hang Power Snatch 115/80#

30 Air Squats

7 Ring Dips

100m Sprint

7 Hang Power Snatch

20 Squats

7 Ring Dips

50m Sprint

7 Hang Power Snatch

10 Squats

7 Ring Dips

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