An 11th Attribute

Here’s a little something worthy of conversation:  How about adding an 11th element to the 10 attributes of fitness.  Currently we have:

1.    Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance
2.    Stamina
3.    Strength
4.    Flexibility
5.    Power
6.    Speed
7.    Coordination
8.    Agility
9.    Balance
10.   Accuracy

Seems pretty balanced and all encompassing, sure.  But what about psychological durability?  With all of the pain we must put ourselves through to become as fit as we can be, wouldn’t it make sense to include the mental toughness required to reach such great  heights to the list of things we consider when measuring fitness?
I realize it’s an abstract idea.  After all, CrossFit is a fitness program designed to be measurable and how could you possible measure mental toughness?  Not to mention, the list of skills above are physical in nature .  But it seems to me that the winners of the CrossFit Games must have been conditioned far beyond a physical capacity when you consider what was required of them throughout the weekend.  And out there those who prevail as a result of their fitness capacity (heroes, firefighters and first responders, survivors, etc) are never the weak minded.  In fact, those who rise above often share stories of adversity in which their strong will and mentality pushed them beyond their limits.

Call me crazy, but it might even deserve the number 1 spot.




AMRAP 1 min Double Unders

AMRAP 1 min Pull Ups

AMRAP 45 sec Double Unders

AMRAP 45 sec Pull Ups

AMRAP 30 sec Double Unders

AMRAP 30 sec Pull Ups

*In this workout the clock runs continuously.  Athlete must transition quickly between movements with no rest time.  Score is total reps of both pull ups and double unders combined.

Finisher: TABATA Plate Sit Ups