An Historic Day


Well my friends, today was truly an historic day. I am proud of our nation. Not for the result, but because so many of us cared enough to participate in this great experiment that is America by voting.

When our nation chose George Washington as its first leader, it wanted him to be a king. Not an absolute monarch such as the Tsar in Russia, or the Kaiser in Germany, or the King in France (in fact, there would be some rather momentous events in France very soon), to be sure, but a king none the less. A monarch was the only kind of leader the world knew.  Washington refused the title and instead adopted the title “President” from that of the head of the Congressional Congress.  He also insisted on “Mr. President” as a term of address, rather than “lordship”, or “highness”, or any other address used by European royalty.  And it was incredibly unique, as was our political structure: this strange democracy modeled not upon any existing nation, but harkening back over two millennia to a small city on the eastern shore of Greece.

By voting today we affirmed our great lineage with that citadel of Western civilization, as the rest of the world, overwhelmingly democratic, has affirmed our vision of two hundred years ago.  Yes, it was an historic day.

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5 Rounds

5 Push Press 175/125#

5 Broad Jumps (measure your broad jump and try to equal it each rep)

10 Pullups

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