And So It Begins

Mean Muggin: The very first class of the new year, ...after I suggested there might be a "Tabata Burpee finisher".

Happy Muggin: The very first class of the year, after I followed up with, "Kidding!!--OMG, you thought I was SERIOUS?!?--I'm SO kidding!!" (A very wise decision on my behalf, I suspect.)

Marilu demonstrates her ability to execute an outstanding One Legged Squat, aka; "Pistol". She's been practicing. ...Have you?

And so it begins, …A New Year.

New aspirations.  New goals.  New resolutions.  …New resolve.  I know many who have already initiated their adherence to some new commitments.  Our very own Chris Morse just put into the freezer a Paleo Pie made for him by one of CrossFit West’s somewhat legendary “Paleo Goodie” Chefs, Somerlan E.  Georgia H started another 30 days of strict Paleo, (even giving up COFFEE, which…is just crazy talk, lol).  Heck, I even just put into the freezer an entire Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie made for me by our very own Baker extraordinaire, Kaitie K.  (By “entire”, I mean what was left after a ate a giant slice of it first, haha.–It was Sooo Bomb!!!).  Yes, many new commitments.

…Back in college I wrote a paper outlining how I thought lead antagonist, Max Cady, in the 1957 John D. MacDonald novel, “The Executioners”, (later adapted to film as “Cape Fear” in 1962 and 1991), should be seen as somewhat of a “positive role model” rather than simply the demonized “monster” for which he was so prevalently viewed.  Max Cady, after being sentenced to 8 years in prison, swears revenge on lawyer, Sam Bowden, whom he holds personally responsible for his prison sentence.  While in prison, he not only teaches himself to read, but carefully studies the law, gaining a profound understanding of it’s intricacies so as he can meticulously carry out his revenge slowly, precisely and effectively.

While his motivation and end goal may certainly be considered “evil” by the general population, what is exceptional and admirable about his character is his extremely focused, meticulous and unwavering commitment to the absolution of his long-term goals.  Never once does he lose sight of what it is he is trying to achieve.  Never once does his focus waiver.  Never once does he allow himself to “slip”.  …Never once.  …Indeed, something we can all learn from.  Think of what you could achieve if you had the same long-term focus and resolve as Max Cady.

Yes, there have been many new commitments set into motion recently.  Pacts have been forged.  Pacts with our selves.  Pacts with others.  Many more will be made with the CrossFit West Santa Cruz Paleo Challenge 2013, starting next Thursday, January 10’th.  Now it’s just a matter of adhering to those pacts and bringing our goals, aspirations and desires to fruition.  Envision your goal.  Envision your success.  Think of what you accomplish every single day in CrossFit…and let that help give you strength.  Know that you most definitely, without a doubt, have the strength within you to ensure your success and make your resolutions manifest, …whether it be 8 weeks, …or 8 years.  …You have the resolve.  Now manifest it and make it happen!


1x Full Snatch O.T.M., x12 Minutes


Partner WOD, “Relay ‘Nancy’…ish”

14 Rounds Of;

200 Meter Run

10 OverHead-Squats  (M=95, W=63)

Both athletes complete a total of 7 rounds.  Teams alternate athletes each round.  (14 rounds total amongst the team).  No racks allowed.