And So It Begins….

CrossFit West Coach, Erica Barnum, counts reps for 2011 Santa Cruz Affiliate Cup Masters Champion, Adam Cosner, during The Open WOD 12.1

And so it’s here; WOD 12.1 of The Open for the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.  There was a great deal of anticipation preceding this WOD.  …Perhaps more worldwide anticipation that any WOD before it, ever.  And as horrible as it was to actually do, …it was awesome! …Brilliant on many levels.

Like many others I talked to after doing WOD 12.1, there was NO way I would be doing that WOD again before the release of WOD 12.2.  …And yet after a little time has passed, many of us have a yen for exactly that; …to do it again.

…To do it again, but with a “mastermind” strategy.  (I currently have three, haha.)

Will you be doing the 7 minute Burpee amrap again?  And if so, …what is your strategy going to be?

If you haven’t had a chance to do The Open WOD 12.1, please come to the 11:00 am class this Saturday and join everyone else who will be doing it along with you, many for the first time, …many for the second.  After the WOD, we’ll be hosting a big BBQ, so come, do some Burpees with your fellow CrossFit West’ers, throw a little meat on the grill and enjoy the community that you have all helped forge.

It’s not too late to sign up for The Open!  …You will be doing the Burpee WOD either way, so you might as well sign up!  😉  Seriously though, …it really is one of the coolest things ever!  You can sign up right HERE! 🙂


3 passes of 200 yard 1-Handed Farmers Carry (suitcase style)

Switch hands at the 100 yard mark.

Go up in weight each round if possible.

Handstand Walk 30 yards after each round.

Then: (Interval Work)

Wall-Ball OTM for 10 minutes

Pick a number, (10, 15, 21, etc), and try to hit that number unbroken every round, resting the remainder of the minute.


Run 15 Sprints at 25 Yards.

Walk back to start.

Be explosive out of the gate and accelerate aggressively.