And The Winner Is……….

While there were many great costumes to walk through the doors of CrossFit West yesterday including a little furry bear, a German beer serving girl, Pebbles Flinstone, a Giants repping bowler, two Vikings, a zombie, a buff gangster, a Hooters girl, a SKINS man, Tiger and three very good looking tattood redheads, unfortunantly there can only be one winner.

That was very nice of Johny V to let you borrow his pants.

PJ you definitely out did yourself with this little number buddy. I talked to him earlier in the day and he said he was going to be a Ninja, this was clearly a much better decision. Way to go buddy! Come in tomorrow and pick up your free t-shirt.


Farmer’s Carry, 3-4 rounds @ 150 Meters

3-5 minutes of Handstand-Practice in between rounds



Hang-Power-Cleans—x21-15-9 (135/93)