Andy on Finally Seeing the Light

Andy does pull ups along side fellow firefighters Steve and Mike

Andy does pull ups along side fellow firefighters Steve and Mike

From Left: Andy, Judy, Steve, Mike.  These guys have come a long way since our Gold's Gym days!

From Left: Andy, Judy, Steve, Mike. These guys have come a long way since our Gold's Gym days!

 Well, it took him a while, but Andy finally gave CrossFit a shot.  And just as the story goes time and time again, it changed his life.  Andy is a dedicated father, husband, and firefighter who works out with us here at CrossFit West.  Here is his CrossFit West Story.

My CrossFit Tale
I have wanted to write something for CrossFit West for a long long time now.  My story begins about two years ago when some firefighter friends started telling me about something called CrossFit that they were doing in Santa Cruz.  At the time, their description of what CrossFit was scared me – It was like they were preaching about a cult or a religion.  Being a person that is not easily convinced or swayed, I paid them no mind, and dismissed this thing called “CrossFit” for another year. I continued my robotic standing, single muscle group workouts at Gold’s Gym.  Shortly thereafter,  a personal trainer met with us at the fire department I work at and started us on a “functional style” of working out albeit it was not CrossFit.  Around that same time, I had been watching  Infomercials at 2AM on cable one night after a medical call and came across the p90x workout program.  I purchased it and started doing the workouts.  I noticed an some difference in my performance, tone and energy level. 
Closer still was I getting to the core of “functional” fitness. 2 months into p90x, Judy (my wife) told me that CrossFit was starting at Golds gym.  She was interested in starting something new and began training with Sam a few days a week.  I remember in the beginning watching them and thinking “that looks insane”, “how am I going to be able to do that” but I was attracted to the challenge.  Judy was surviving so I decided to join her and purchased a 10 visit pass.
The first class was very hard but not impossible.  Sam and Ed were with me every step of the way.  I felt like I had finally arrived at where I was supposed to be with my fitness program.  I felt the functional benefits of CrossFit right from the beginning. My friend Steve joined me and we alI stuck with it!  Fast forward to almost a year later and at 43, I have never felt more fit in my life.  I am eating a combo Paleo, plus dairy diet, my body fat % has dropped to a nice lean level for my age, I have good energy levels and my strength and flexibility have increased at work. More importantly, I have changed inside as well.  A change in psychology I guess – I feel like I am a better parent, husband, friend, worker and person – It is hard to describe.
 I think I finally understood what my firefighter friends were talking about two years ago – The glint in their eyes finally made sense – I got it!   CrossFit is a functional model for living.  It is a blueprint for how I want to live. 
I want to thank My wife Judy, Sam, Jocelyn, Jason, Kyle, Cliff and all of you who I work out next to every day for being part of this transformation.

See you at the Box.